Upham Design


I am fascinated with the volume and depth that clouds and atmosphere present to the artist’s eye. Illustrating vapor as if it were a solid mass creates an illusion that allows the freedom of artistic expression.


Cause and effect can be clearly captured within images of water. Variables, such as time of day, wind, depth and reflection have to be considered to visually capture a liquid environment. Water is an element that I continually learn from as I develop my visual intent.


There are so many stories that a landscape can reveal. As an artist, I work to capture a sense of place, season and time. My intent is to draw the viewer into a new environmental experience or recall a familiar space. We all have a place that transports us. My artwork is another vehicle which the viewer can use to “travel”.


Working with human subjects requires understanding of form and motion, perspective and scale, and of course anatomy. I continually learn with every new portrait and figurative study. Commissions are welcome.


I enjoy painting and drawing portraits of our animal friends. I am always looking for the connection between pet owner, landscape and creature. My series of “Dogs in Water” is a good example of unique, energetic portraiture of our four legged friends. Commissions are welcome.


Subjects that evoke geometric objects with their organic environment have always held my attention. Here are a few samples illustrating this relationship.